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The best topics for your Biology Internal Assessment.

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The first step to passing a biology internal assessment assignment is to choose the right topic. But where
do you even begin when you begin thinking and immediately go completely blank and lost for words?
Ideas don't just come to writers out of nowhere. That explains why selecting the ideal biological IA
topics to cover can be difficult for even the brightest students with IBDP Biology Past Paper.

Prior to providing you with some Biology IA subjects for your Higher Level (HL) class assignment, let's
first make sure you are aware of the IB Programme, its goals as programme, and what is expected of

IB IA Programme: What Is It?

An individual assignment assessed by a subject teacher using an established set of criteria to direct,
develop, and evaluate the completed assignment is known as an IB internal assessment.
Communication, exploration, personal engagement, evaluation, and analysis make up these
IB Internal Assessment aims to encourage you to use your knowledge by conducting research, making
observations, and asking questions. As an IB student, the programme counts for 20% of your overall

How to Select the Best Topic for Your Biology Internal Assessment?

Depending on the IB Biology Internal Assessment topic you choose, you could have to:
● Create a thorough analysis using simulation or modelling.
● Conduct a laboratory experiment
● Take your cues from the most reliable source.
Whatever the goal, you must make sure you pick a topic that will not only serve as the basis for your
inquiry but also inspire interest from the audience as you complete the task.

In order to select the ideal IB Biology Internal Assessment subject:

Understand Your Interests

Instead of choosing a topic at random, look over various options and select one that appeals to you. It
ought to be a subject that piques your curiosity. Additionally, it might be a topic line that piques your
You should 't pick a general, apparent, or simple subject. Additionally, avoid selecting a subject that has
already been covered in class because it is not unique enough to add anything to the discussion.

Be Particular:

Numerous IB students fail their biology internal assessment because they haphazardly choose general or
straightforward subjects.
Take another look at your area of interest. How unique is the subject? Does the subject allow for
adequate inquiry or original thought?
Additionally, be sure to be as descriptive as you can with the issue. You won't have a scope if it's too
little. It's too broad, and you'll quickly lose concentration.

Be practical:

Selecting an engaging IB Biology IA topic is one thing. Working on it from beginning to end is something
else entirely. Additionally, you ought to investigate the topic's viability.
In another words:
● Do you have the necessary time, resources, and tools to begin and finish the assignment?
● Are you able to specify your variables and give a pertinent hypothesis?
Look through Reliable Sources for Topics
Even for a specialized subject like the IB Biology Internal Assessment, you may find topic ideas
Look up related sources like IBDP Biology Mock Paper to find as many potential topic ideas as you can.
We advise you to hunt for ideas for your biology essays on websites like Science Daily and encyclopedia,
your school's online library, and even your neighborhood library.
As you search pertinent sources, you'll find a tonne of subject matter. Others will be too general, others
too catchy, and some too technical. Choose the subjects that are the most narrowly focused, then use
those to generate research questions for the project.

Is the Topic Safe and Moral?

It's crucial to remember that IB has rigorous policies in place to safeguard animals from harm and
The law stipulates that you must obtain participants' agreement before using them in an experiment.
This remark makes it apparent that the IB Biology Internal Assessment is a project that involves
Therefore, the subject you select should be secure, moral, and environmentally responsible.

Internal Assessment Topics for Biology

So far, you' ve learned how to choose an IB Biology IA topic and what qualities a good experiment topic
should have.
However, conducting research can be time-consuming, which may be ineffective if you have a short
deadline for finishing the assignment.
The subjects for various IB Biology Internal Assessment experiments and investigations are discussed in
the section that follows.
● Does a plant's distance from a light source have an impact on its photosynthetic processes?
● Does the rate of transpiration on plants change depending on the temperature?
● Comparing the absorption spectra of various olive oil varieties
● Assessing the impact of sugar on human dental health.
● Does the plasmolysis of potatoes change with time?
● Evaluating the impact of different light conditions on the rate of photosynthesis in tomato plants.
● After their best-by date has passed, are dairy products still safe for ingestion by humans and animals?
● Do the many varieties of toothpaste have varying degrees of effectiveness?

● Does the reaction rate in humans reduce with age?
● Can the biodiversity of a particular environment be influenced by abiotic factors?

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