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What nail polish colors will be trendy in 2023

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it difficult to imagine something else on your nails, except for the classics – red lacquer and nude shades

Take a look at the 2022-2023 trends to find inspiration for new manicure solutions.

The palette of varnishes is expanding, but many of us still doubt whether it is worth painting our nails in an unusual colour and, in the end, returning to proven options.

Maybe change the settings this year? In the list of fashionable shades, there are many new products that deserve closer attention. Perhaps they will become your new manicure favourites.


The motto of nail artists in 2023 is not to take manicures too seriously. Of course, it is a manicure that makes our nails beautiful and well-groomed. 

And at the same time, this detail is an opportunity to experiment, cheer up and brighten up grey everyday life.

Are you tired of the usual monochromatic manicure? Then this test is for you!

It can be a lemon yellow pastel, like in last year’s 3.1 Phillip Lim manicure, a transparent “plastic” yellow, like Chromat, or, for example, yellow-green with glitter, like House of Holland.

Shades of milk

They are a great alternative to powdery nude shades this year.

Apply a soft strawberry milkshake on your nails, as you can see in the Erdem and Helmut Lang shows, or a pure white that looks watered down. 

Both in the first and in the second case, the manicure will turn out to be feminine and elegant, no matter how long you use these varnishes. 

See for yourself: make a manicure with a touch of Essie “To the full.”

It can be blue like Marta Jakubowski, pistachios like Courreges, or cotton candy-like Affair. For such a manicure, the Temptation shade from the Essie line is useful.

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Neon, the opposite of pastels, is also in fashion right now. 

Whenever you’re in the mood for something brighter, paint your nails lime green (like they did at the GCDS show), hot blues like Courreges, or blue like Mark Fast.

One of the hottest nail trends for 2023 is a silver glitter polish.

They can be with a matte metallic effect, as in the case of Off-White or Kith manicures, with glitter or with holographic overflows, like Julien Macdonald.

Black and white

In a catwalk manicure, they usually appear together, not separately. 


Red, of course, could not be. This colour is loved by nail artists and rarely complements it with something else. 

In the spring-summer of 2023, the red manicure in its “pure” form shows the images of Moschino and Marco de Vincenzo.


No Burgundy turned out to be more relevant than red. Wear it in 2023 with a glossy finish like Guy Laroche or a matte finish like Rebecca Minkoff.


Need a discreet neutral manicure? In 2023, judging by the trends, it can be made in grey. For him, the nail technicians who worked on the Tibi spring-summer 2023 show.

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Black and white graphics

If you have short nails, you should do simple nail art. If you chose two colours for this, use one as a base and paint with the other. It can be concise drawings. 

Like stars or hearts. In black and white, they will look especially stylish.

Neon watercolour

Combine different neon shades on your nails with an ombre effect. How to do this, we showed in this video tutorial.

If this manicure seems too bright for you, try applying the colours in a transparent layer.

The manicure will be more restrained with watercolour stains.

French back

Draw arcs not on the tips of the nails, but on the back instead of the hole. Replace the usual white colour with any pastel shade from the trend list.

For example, it can be pink. To “balance” this accent at the base of the nails, accentuate the tips with a thin line of glitter.

Random manicure

A monochromatic coating in a fashionable shade will become much more original if you add a contrasting outline. Draw a thin line and use glitter or metallic effect paint.

Bordeaux and gold

Use burgundy nail polish as a solid backdrop for a gold foil manicure. Its everyday prints will adorn your nails just as much as the intricate patterns created with the utmost care. 

The combination of colours and textures will make nail art spectacular and expressive.

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