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How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac?

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You are taking screenshots to share information with others or keeping it for future reference. However everyone knows the steps to take a screenshot on Mac, but the point is people do not know how to crop that screenshot because after taking a screenshot, you need to crop some unnecessary or critical portions that you do not want to share. If you are the one who is not sure how to crop a screenshot on mac, read this article. We have listed some easy methods and tricks for you. 

How to Crop a Screenshot Using the Photos App 

To crop a screenshot, the first method is to use the photos app. 

  1. After opening Photos, select File > Import from the menu bar 
  2. Click Import after finding the screenshot you want to edit 
  3. Click ‘Edit’ after doing a double-click on the image you imported 
  4. At the top, click the Crop button 

How to Crop a Screenshot by Using Capto 

To edit or crop a screenshot, you can use a tool. Cap to is the best tool to help you edit a screenshot quickly.

  1. Download the app from the browser and open it
  2. Click Area > Rectangle/Circle/Freehand when the app is opened 
  3. Then, at that point, attract the ideal structure to make screen captures of any sort 
  4. Click the Camera button to take a screenshot of the selected area 

How to Crop With the Help of the Preview App 

Mac has an inbuilt preview app, which will be on your screen when you double-click the image you want to crop. Now, let’s see the process of cropping a screenshot on mac

  1. To open the Preview app, double-click any image 
  2. Select “Show Mark-up Toolbar” from the menu 
  3. You can now select the area of your screenshot with ease 
  4. Click Tools in the menu bar, then select Crop 
  5. Alternatively, you can use Command + K 

To Crop a Screenshot by Using a Third-Party App 

Snipping app is a simple and the best third-party app you can use to crop a screenshot. Download the Snipping tool from the Mac App Store. 

  1. The first step is to download and install the tool from the Mac App Store 
  2. After the launch of the tool, click on ‘New.’
  3. Now, select the area of your screen you want to capture 
  4. The screenshot will be saved to your desktop by the tool on its own 

These are the steps of taking a screenshot by using this tool, and now you will see how to crop a screenshot via this tool. 

  1. Open the image you want to crop in the Snipping tool 
  2. Now, use the Selection tool for the part of the image you want to keep 
  3. From the toolbar, press the crop button 
  4. A cropped image will be saved on the screen of your desktop 


Here are some simple ways to answer your question about cropping a screenshot. You can use any technique that suits you the best. 

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