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Orthodontists who apply Orthodontic marketing strategies and maintain a continuous social media presence see their practices expand due to improved visibility, engagement, and higher conversion rates.

By working with thousands of dental practices, we discovered that digital marketing concepts for Orthodontists provide significantly more office marketing benefits than other dental professionals.

When you analyze the current Orthodontic marketing methods and the selfie culture, it’s simple to see why Orthodontic social media ideas are a hot marketing opportunity.

Social media for Orthodontic offices has repeatedly proven to be one of the most excellent and effective digital marketing tactics for acquiring new patients.

Strategies of Orthodontic Marketing that enhance new patients 

Promoting your orthodontic clinic on social media is more than just getting likes and followers. Although new followers can help you improve your online reputation and social proof, the decision to employ digital marketing strategies is based on dollars spent and a return on investment.

Marketing tactics for Orthodontists should focus on converting an interested potential patient into an active scheduled patient to keep your investment low and your return high. To do this, the finest Orthodontic marketing concepts are easy to execute, easy to maintain, and deliver a clear ROI.

Marketing approach for Orthodontic offices that enlarge reputation 

When Orthodontic social media is used as part of a larger marketing strategy, an Orthodontist’s reputation is one of the most important variables in determining success.

It’s one thing to be discovered online, but quite another to be chosen. Your patient places a high value on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Although there are some organic ranking benefits to orthodontic social media sharing, they are difficult to quantify and should not be the goal of your Orthodontic marketing strategy.

Orthodontic social media marketing is a social-proof marketing campaign. If you have more followers on your Orthodontic TikTok account, social media reviews on Facebook, and engagement on your posts, you look to be more qualified than your Orthodontic competition.

The orthodontic marketing concepts in this post will assist you in developing a strategy to convert interested patients into scheduled patients.

5 Amazing Ideas of Orthodontic Marketing to Do this Week


  • Publish photos of your team 

Marketing strategies for orthodontic clinics should rely on and leverage team members’ social media presence. Taking images of the team is one of the greatest methods to capitalize on this marketing opportunity.

Give each team member a solid in your social media post by mentioning how fantastic they are. Try to be precise and discuss how they contribute to your team being the finest Orthodontic team in the world. You might not be surprised to learn that your digital Orthodontic marketing efforts are paying off when your staff members share your postings on their social media pages.

Opportunities for orthodontic social media posts can arise whenever your team is together. When your staff is going out to lunch, celebrating a holiday, participating in an Orthodontic marketing charity event, or simply interacting with one another in the workplace, take a photo to show off your team culture.

Posting images of your employees maintains your social media profiles looking authentic and reaps the benefits of a psychological mechanism known as transference. Transference occurs when your patient associates the quality of your orthodontic marketing with the quality of your orthodontic care.

Some orthodontic practices are hesitant to photograph their staff. We’ve devised an excellent Orthodontic marketing plan that will take the sting out of things. Download the Life Events Social Sign kit, which includes a sign as well as reasons to photograph a team member.

  1. Introduce an Orthodontic TikTok Marketing Strategy 

TikTok will be the top trend in Orthodontic social media marketing in 2023. TikTok is a mobile video app that has taken the world by storm, and you should be aware of it because it is one of the best online channels for increasing your social media following.

Orthodontic TikTok marketing is still in its early stages, and the majority of practices have yet to implement a successful Orthodontic plan. It is simple and free to create a TikTok account for your Orthodontic office.

There are several dental TikTok accounts you should follow because they will help you learn the type of content that performs well and receives a lot of engagement.

  1. Start Social Media Marketing Competition 

Exercising Orthodontic contest ideas and giveaways is a great initiative and an easy way to get your patients and team engagement in your orthodontic social media efforts. 

You can become creative and hold an Orthodontic contest to promote healthy oral habits, such as the Flossing challenge shown below. These orthodontic contests try to persuade your patient to take a 30-day flossing pledge. Once they’ve accepted the challenge, invite them to contribute a photo to be eligible for a prize. 

Another excellent option is to hold a caption contest in which you ask your followers and patients to caption a graphic for a chance to win.

  1. Highlight Events in Patients’ Lives

The best way to build a powerful relationship is to show interest in the lives of your team members and patients. Those good ties, without a doubt, are what allow your practice to thrive. You may also make fantastic material for your social media pages.

Social media may be utilized to demonstrate that you care about your patient’s well-being and that you love working as a team, in addition to being a fantastic venue for marketing. Employ it to demonstrate to patients that you are eager to welcome new patients into your orthodontic practice family.

Without a question, orthodontic social media allows your office to build ties in your local community. You may keep connected and relevant by following and enjoying postings from other local companies. Keep in mind that referral sources rely on social media to give social evidence for your practice.

The idea of initiating orthodontic treatment for children and many adults can be daunting and stressful. They may be concerned about the changes that orthodontic appliances may bring to their diet, speech, and appearance.

Reduce patient worry and use it as an opportunity to go above and beyond for your patients. Take notice and commemorate the start of orthodontic treatment with a photo, a goodie bag, or even a smoothie gift certificate.

Share a post on a “Patient of the Day” or “Team Member of the Day”! Congratulate your team member on a noteworthy success or simply show your gratitude. Staying in touch with your patients on a personal level is a vital element of orthodontic marketing.

Some of your most effective orthodontic social media marketing posts will come from your patients, not from you. For one thing, it’s fantastic when a patient takes a snapshot at your office. Apart from connecting with you, all of their online friends will see what a wonderful time they had with you.

Also, share their message on your practice page and thank them for visiting. Individuals who are just beginning orthodontic treatment will feel more at ease knowing that other patients are having a positive experience at your facility.

  1. Enhance Marketing Strategies to receive more Google Reviews 

Independent studies and our research demonstrate that reviews have a greater impact on Orthodontic practice growth than ever before. Your online reputation will influence whether or not potential patients visit your practice.

Google reviews determine whether a patient calls and schedules an appointment with your Orthodontic business.

The research study throws more light on how online reviews greatly influence the success of small companies. Every year, the effect of online reviews on an Orthodontist’s reputation and visibility grows dramatically.

A few new statistics in the study are particularly relevant to dental practices.

  • For local businesses, 97% of consumers go with online reviews. 
  • Whereas 85% of consumers believe in online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. 
  • Almost 7 out of 10 consumers if asked will write a review of a local business. 

We can assist in launching your Orthodontic Marketing Strategy 

You will receive everything you need to simply create social media content as an OTT client. Content that attracts and retains orthodontic patients, not just social media material. This includes social media marketing ideas, blog entries, a fantastic orthodontic clinic website, and SEO.

You will also receive regular customized coaching to help you be more effective. Let us provide you with a free consultation to assist you in identifying orthodontic marketing techniques that are a perfect fit for your practice.

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