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Documents Required For Re-Issue Passport In India

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A passport is a doorway to your dreams. A passport is an irreplaceable report which you want to hold whilst traveling abroad. It calls for a variety of paperwork, authentication, and inquiry however it comes with validity. Generally, those files have a particular validity of 10 years, after that, you had to have to reissue your passport. Nowadays, with digitalization in India online applying for a reissue passport has additionally minimized a variety of hard work. 

The following article offers with all one wishes to recognize concerning the reissuing of a passport.

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What Is the Reissue Of Passport?

Reissue of passport refers to such times wherein the passport holder calls for a brand-new book; passport reissuance may be vital beneath Neath on numerous occasions, which we’ve elaborated on in a while withinside the article. 

When Is Passport Reissuance Necessary? 

Here are the subsequent guidelines which might be vital for the reissue of the passport-

  • Your passport’s validity is set to run out withinside the subsequent three years or has expired already.
  • Your present passport has suffered enormous damage, or if it’s been disfigured. • All pages in your present book are exhausted. 
  • You want to put in force modifications in positive information, including date of birth, call, residential deal with, and others.
  • If you’ve got out of place your passport, issuance is vital. You might want to publish a duplicate of an FIR along with the reissue utility in such cases. 
  • You need to additionally observe for a reissue of your passport in case your present one expired a minimum of three years ago. If you face any of the conditions referred to above, knowing how the passport reissue procedure is crucial Lydia Ko Net Worth

Why do we need to renew passports?

While going through, how you can renew your passports. You might have thought about the need to renew your passport every ten years. Why couldn’t India make the renewal time twenty years? That is not possible. Here is the reason why:

A global organization which is known as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has the responsibility of taking care of the required standards. It is the AO who has recommended that the validity of a passport should not be more than 10 years. 

Now the obvious question is why did ICAO set such a requirement? The reason is so that all the passports can have recent technology and there are not too many legacy passports circulating the world. For instance, most countries had started the implementation of “Machine Readable Passports” in the1980s. Given that there were no expiry dates for passports, it would have been probable that still there would be some passports that were not machine-readable. Also, if the passport had a longer date of expiry the passports would take longer to take up newer technology. Thus giving 10 years of validity to a passport is a well-planned move by the ICAO.

Besides, over a long period of time, the appearance of the passport holder might also change and it would become difficult to identify them. The expiry of passports also ensures that there is a lesser number of fake passports in circulation. This is not only because the fake passports would expire, but also due to newer anti-forgery rules being applied to passports.

How To Apply For Reissue Of Passport?

If you’re thinking of a way to reissue a passport, recognize that you may achieve this each online and offline. Here are the particular steps worried in each of those strategies of utility. 

How To Re-Issue Passport In India Online?

The process for the renewal of passports in India is all online now. Here are a few steps on the reissue of the passport. Here are a few steps for reissue of a passport- 

  • Step 1 Visit the Online Portal of Passport Sahayata and go to Apply for a passport
  • Step 2:Chose Re-issue of Passport by choosing from the drop-down menu
  • Step 3 Choose whether you want a regular application or a tatkal one.
  • Step 4 Fill out all the required information you are asked for. 
  • Step 5 Check the information entered by you is correct before submitting the application form.

Online Payment has been made obligatory for reserving appointments in any respect PSK/POPSK/PO.

Online Payment may be made the usage of any person of the subsequent modes: 

  • Credit/Debit Card (MasterCard and Visa) 
  • Internet Banking (State Bank of India (SBI) Associate Banks or other banks, SBI Bank Challan 
  • Step 6 Click the Print Application Receipt hyperlink to print the software receipt containing the Application Reference Number (ARN)/Appointment Number.
  • Step 7 Visit the Passport Seva Kendra
  • (PSK)/Regional Passport Office (RPO) wherein appointment has been booked, at the side of unique documents.

Appointment Codes

What do the codes N, S, P, T, and O refer to in the tokens of appointment?

In the token which is provided once you book your appointment with the Passport Seva Kendra, you might see a few codes. Here is the meaning of those codes:

  • N: This indicates that a normal appointment has been made by an ordinary citizen who has booked an online appointment
  • S: This indicates that the appointment has been booked by a senior citizen. Senior citizens are given preference over normal citizens.
  • P: This indicates that a certificate of police clearance will be required when you are visiting other countries for a long period of time
  • T: This indicates that the mode of the application is tatkal and there would be a separate queue for these applications.
  • O:  This token indicates that the applicant is visiting the PSK again after they have visited it once.

What Are The Documents Required For Reissue Of Passport? 

Along with a reissuance shape, you need to submit the subsequent passport reissue files to provoke the procedure certain documents required for passport re-issue

  • Proof of age
  • Residential deal with evidence
  • Identity evidence
  • 2 passport-sized images of the applicant 
  • Attested photocopies of the primary and closing pages of your present passport book 
  • Original present book 
  • Appointment utility receipt or the very last web page of the web utility web page. This web page takes into consideration evidence of utility charges and appointment schedules. 

Is Police Verification Necessary At The Time Of Reissue Of Passport?

After a successful passport reissue utility, you can or won’t want to go through a police verification procedure. This in large part relies upon the occasions for the reissue of your passport. 

For instance, in case you are making use of a reissue to alternate private information, including call or residential deals, the Passport Office calls for verification. 

This is achieved to confirm that each new information provided is accurate. However, police verification for passport reissue won’t be warranted in advance or after the book is exhausted. In such cases, the government can also additionally order a post-coverage verification, or an inspection after receiving the reissued report. 

Police Verification for Passport-The police verification degree is a crucial protection degree regarding the issuance of passports in India. 


The procedure seems to be easy but must be done with utmost care as all the information must be filled carefully else you will not be issued a fresh passport and it is all hustle free even for the reissue of the passport. People are skilled and help to make things much easier and relevant for people to apply.

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