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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Dubai?

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For many people visiting Dubai is like a dream come true. When first you remember this luxurious city, then first you will remember images of towering skyscrapers, golden sands, and best time of year to visit Dubai. This place reminds everyone about old and new, tradition and glamour.

One thing that you could be at any time at the top of your dream is thinking about Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building. However, it is worth thinking about when is the best time to go. In this article, we are going to discuss the best time of year to visit Dubai.

The Best Time Of Year To Visit Dubai  

Below we have discussed the best time of year to visit Dubai

1. Dubai In Peak Season  

One of the best times when you can visit Dubai is between November to March. It is the peak season in Dubai. This time is officially winter. In this case, there are lots of clear skies that you can see, bright sunshine you can enjoy, and colder evenings with a soothing cold breeze.

Besides that, the weather makes it pleasant so that you can explore all the outdoor activities like going on a picnic, desert safari, lounging on the beach, and even dining al-fresco. There is a short burst of rainfall, but there is nothing major that can tamper your day.

2) Dubai In Shoulder Season  

The shoulder season of Dubai that you can enjoy such as during the month of April, May, September,  and October. These are the transitional months between summer and other seasons. Moreover, the summer is hot but not unbearable, like peak summertime in India.

In this season, the sea temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius, which makes it perfect for swimming without battling and fighting with the crowd. Besides that, you can also get a great discount on any recreational activity.

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3) Dubai In Low Season  

Well, almost every visitor across the globe prefers to visit during the low season in Dubai, which is between August to June. This time is also called summertime, when the temperature hits 40 degrees celsius, and sometimes it hits 50 degree Celsius.

During this time you can cover air-conditioned malls or even other simply relaxed places like your hotel rooms. Apart from that, it is not recommended to visit the beach during the daytime if you want to avoid sunstroke.

4) Dubai In January  

Do you prefer a pleasant time to explore Dubai? Then in the month of January, you can visit Dubai along with the winter sun peeking in and the cool evenings. The humidity is low, and the highest temperature this season is around 24 degrees Celsius.

On the other hand, you can cover more places, and usually, you will be able to enjoy outdoor activities. Moreover, the UV levels will still be high; thus, you can pack sunscreen.

Now Let’s Discuss Many Festivals And Events In January


  • New Year eve

Dubai is one of the most happening destinations where you can celebrate New Year’s eve. At that time, from parties to enjoying amazing fireworks, the atmosphere is just electric.

  • Dubai Marathon

If you want to enjoy the Dubai Marathon, then you can stay up until the last week of January. In this case, world-class runners due to the exciting landscape and great prizes.

  • Dubai Desert Classic

Have you ever wondered about the golf tournament in Dubai, where the world’s greatest golfers take part? Then you can visit Dubai in the middle of January.

5) Dubai In April  

During the month of April, summer is not much here, and at that time, the temperature starts to rise this month. In this season, rainfall is very less. Thus it is better to pack your UV filters, Sunblock, and loose-fitting cotton clothes.

If you are a food lover, then this time is perfect for enjoying the Dubai Food festival, which is an annual event for all food lovers. This time you will also get great discounts after restaurants.

6) Dubai In May  

This is the month when the summer season, with the sizzling temperature of 37 degrees, has started. At that time, there were no clouds, and only the sun shone through for almost 11 hours. At that time, staying hydrated with a lot of water and taking regular sea dips were very important so that you could stay cool in the hottest temperature.

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7) Dubai Weather In July And August  

The month of July and August is the peak time of the summer season, with a deep sun shining for more than 12 hours. At this time, it is highly recommended to stay inside, especially in the daytime. At this time, you will be getting a lot of hotels that give you killer deals to stay and arrange food.

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Summing – Up  

What weather do you prefer? If it is winter or summer or spring, or even autumn. Besides that, it is important to know which weather gives you relaxation and refreshment. We have mentioned almost every month’s weather description and the respective festivals in Dubai.

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